Senior Content Producer (Freelance)


As a Creative Producer, I have consistently demonstrated the ability to plan and execute a wide variety of productions from initial concept through final delivery. Whether I am working global integrated campaigns or smaller independent projects, I am always excited to collaborate with a team of creative people to take on new challenges. In fact, my favorite projects have involved figuring out how to deliver on something that hasn’t been done before. 

I possess 10+ years experience managing all facets of production including bidding, evaluating director treatments, overseeing casting, shoots, music, and all components of edit and post production. During those years I have gained the following skills and expertise: 

  • A proficiency at estimating accurate budgets. 
  • A strong roster of vendor relationships that help ensure competitive rates and secure the best creative partners available for each unique execution.
  • The ability to manage schedules and creative reviews to ensure timelines and deadlines are met and, when necessary, step in and line-produce as needed. 
  • A familiarity with clearance and legal considerations, SAG talent and non-union talent requirements, and licensing  processes that make me a great partner for business affairs managers and enable me to anticipate and work around potential rights and clearance issues.
  • Experience with managing original music producing and licensed tracks for commercial use. I’ve negotiated directly with labels and managers to secure the rights to recordings or obtain original compositions. 

Don't hesitate to send me an email at regarding my avails or to make an introduction.